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ARV offers a wide range  of services, all with the view of delivering excellence and securing the best interest of our clients. ARV's areas of expertise are as follows:

Investment Consulting and Advisory Services
ARV provides a variety of consulting and advisory services to international businesses seeking
opportunities in Ghana and Africa, across  several industries.

Our advisory services include legal and tax advice, mediation and financing. Armed with a deep understanding of the local business landscape and our network of highly placed decision makers, we are able to facilitate strategic partnerships between local and foreign investors. ARV has successfully guided several companies through the barriers of doing business in Ghana and Africa.

Land Acquisition
The complex land tenure system in Ghana requires people with reputable knowledge to secure  it and high-value connections to facilitate legal land purchases. ARV possesses these dual qualities. We facilitate  proper and simplest acquisition process for clients while sparing them future costs in land litigations.

Management Consulting and Training
We advise companies on how to optimize their performance and guide them through the hurdles of achieving their vision. We examine the entire value chain of the company, highlight its inefficienciesand work with the company to find and implement solutions.
Our services are highly differentiated, industry-oriented and span the entire business process.
Our management consulting team has several years of experience between them in areas such as
finance, marketing, human resource and strategy. Our clients range from local companies to

Apart from providing solutions to management problems, we also provide leadership training for professionals. We can transform the ordinary professionals into efficient, decisive and productive leaders to turn the fortunes of any compan

Other investment services we provide are;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Agro Processing
  • IT
  • RealEstate 

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