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About us

RV is an African natural resource management firm based in the Republic of Ghana ,formed primarily to promote and facilitate investments within Africa. As an Investment Consulting and Advisory firm, ARV has vast interests across several African markets and a wealth of expertise in helping foreign companies start up or do business successfully in Africa. ARV represents more than $US5billion in assets of international companies and private investors.

The ARV Experience
ARV is a relationship-oriented firm , differentiated by our ability to provide tailor-made services to our clients. Every client is important to us ,so we embrace all projects no matter how small –from acquiring one acre of farmland to an oil block for exploration. We are committed to guiding and advicing on every processfrom start to finish. With ARV, there are no wholesale services but specialized, tailor-made services to meet the unique needs of clients.

Our Vision
To be the preferred investment consultants in Africa.

Our Mission
To provide exceptionally-tailored investment consulting services and optimized solutions ,with mutual agreement with  our clients.

Our Process
For us, this starts with developing a comprehensive understanding of our client's Operation, Capital Structure, and Industry. From our analysis and research, we assess particular needs and opportunities in the business, as well as develop an understanding of the business's financial and operational capacity for accelerated growth.

We work collaboratively with our client to develop an investment strategy designed to meet their  needs and exploit opportunities.


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